Lotto Trimmer

Eliminating numbers from your picklist makes it easier to pick numbers. See likely and unlikely numbers at a glance. Trim unlikely numbers from the full set. Many techniques to create a picklist to your specs. Quick, easy and fun. Master your game.

Check Lotto Loader(Lite) to see how to get stats to use in Lotto Trimmer. It’s a free download.

And . . . Lotto Loader (Beta) download is included with Lotto Trimmer License purchase.

CL Frequency Chart

After choosing your game’s number set, The CL Frequency Chart appears. Use this to recognize high and low occurring numbers. All of the games conform to the chart’s pattern.

Set Range

Eliminate unwanted numbers & Ranges

Random Picks

Save PickList

Favorite Numbers

Help Choosing Favorites

Odd/Even Numbers

Final Pick Suggestions