Lotto Loader (Beta)

Enter past lotto draws to see useful statistics. 10 to 20 draws will work and more will work better. Currently in beta. (free download with Lotto Trimmer license purchase)

Lotto Loader (Lite) – a free download. No need to enter your game draws. Draws are randomly generated for testing purposes. See how random draw stats can improve your game.

Lotto Loader (Beta) – Free with Lotto Trimmer purchase. Enter your game draws and see stats like never before. Make “At a Glance” decisions to eliminate unlikely numbers and keep more likely numbers.

Lotto Loader (lite)

Lotto Loader Lite is a free download. It does not have the provision to enter actual draw numbers. You can create a random set of numbers to experiment with. See important statistics that make it easy to see high and low occurring numbers.

The following is a run through of how Lotto Loader works.

Generate Random Draws

Set Range

Average By Column

Average By Number