• What is the best lotto game to play?

    You have to follow your own dream. Do you want the biggest prize or the best odds. Generally smaller prizes have better odds. How big is your dream?

Calculated Luck

  • Have you ever won using Calculated Luck ?

    That’s your job. Our job is to explain lotto number sets & give you the tools to better your odds.

  • Are you suggesting these lotto games are not random ?

    Although each draw combo has an equal opportunity to occur, some combos have a low probability of occurring early on in a random run, while other have a higher probability. Most games have had only a few hundred to a few thousand draws out of a possibility of millions.

  • What do you mean, “Random Run”?

    The first draw is a random run of 1. A thousand draws would be a random run of a thousand. Most games have millions of possible draws.
    In 6/49 game, 1 has 1,712,304 chances of occurring in the first column, while 44 has 1 chance.
    44 has the same probability as any one of the combos with 1 in the fist column. It’s just that it has to compete with 1.7 million draws that start with 1.

  • What’s the best way to play.

    Everybody has their own ideas about lotto.
    Luck is the primary factor.
    So, whatever brings you the best luck, is the way to play.
    Calculated Luck clearly shows number set properties & characteristics as well as statistics.
    Eliminating unlikely numbers improves the odds but you will still need all the luck you can muster & throw in a few lucky numbers to boot.

  • Does Calculated Luck work with Keno?

    No. Calculated Luck utilities work with lotto Column/Row games.

Cl Frequency Chart

  • Are these charts accurate representations of lotto number sets?

    Yes. Charts show the precise count of each column in the full set. Row totals show that each game number occurs precisely the same as every other number. And each column totals to the precise number of draws in the number set.
    Each chart represents an entire number set showing an “At a Glance” view of probabilities in a randomized game.

  • Should I play the high count number in each column?

    You must use your own strategies. There are randomize games. The CL Frequency Chart gives a clear picture of column probabilities

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