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The backbone of Calculated Luck. A free download that reveals, “At a Glance”, lotto characteristics and probabilities. Each chart represents an entire number set and charts represent games from around the world. The chart shows the precise occurrence of each number per column in the entire set. Yellow marks column highs with numbers diminishing as they move away. Columns total at the bottom to the precise number of draws in a the full set. row Totals show the precise count of each number in the full set.

And, every number set of this type follows the same pattern. These number sets have properties and characteristics just like any other mathematical number set.

Download CL Frequency Charts & see how lotto game number sets around the world have these similar properties. Then Download Lotto Loader Lite to see how randomly generated draws follow the same pattern (plus or minus due to the randomizing)

Cdn. 5/49 & 6/49 (DE, HK, PHL, etc.)

US 5/69 & 5/70