Lotto Number Systems

What’s your game? 6/49 . . . 5/49 . . . 5/69 . . . 7/50 . . . 5/70 . . . 6/45, or another of the many combinations found around the world?

They all follow a predictable pattern. This is not conjecture. We’re not going to lead you down pages of hype. See for yourself in our videos. These number systems all have properties and characteristics.

This doesn’t mean the games aren’t random. It’s just that there are draws that are unlikely to happen early on in a random run . . . and most games have had only a few hundred to a few thousand draws out of a possibility of millions.

So, our objective is to show you these properties and characteristics, so you can determine that Lotto Trimmer will help you make better picks and master your game.

Current Stats for Various Games

Lotto Loader gives us preferred ranges as well as overdue and frequent numbers that can be used to trim unwanted numbers from the picklist.
Column 1 is the game number.
Column 2 shows the average occurrence for the last 20 occurrences in that column.
Column 3 show the number of draws since the last occurrence in that column.
Lotto Trimmer is extremely flexible. Parameters will change as new draws occur. Adjust to suit your own strategies and techniques.
Compare Totals Draws with Total After Trimmed.
See how easy it is reduce the picklist.
Better odds.
Better Picks.
Better dreams.
Multipliers, bonus and extra numbers are not part of this strategy. Use some of your luck for these features.